Applied Mathematics
Study of time series and wavelet analysis

Research outline

Our main research interests are

- Time series modeling: financial, climate, biological, etc.
- Wavelet analysis.

Financial time series-Cryptocurrencies

- Design of techniques, using moving windows, to compute Wavelet Entropy and Hurst exponent.
- Evolution-in-time analysis of the Wavelet Entropy.
- Comparison of different techniques that use statistical and econometric tools.

Climate-Hydrological time series

- Study of rainfall time series of Argentina.

Biological-electrocardiographic time series

- Study and implementation of several digital signal processing techniques to filter, process, delineate and classify signals from public databases of patients with cardiovascular diseases.
- Design of indices based on Multiresolution Analysis that improve sensitivity and specificity with respect to the standard indices used in medical practice.

Computational codes are made in MatLab or R language.


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Arouxet, María Belén
Martin, María Teresa


Member Contact Personal webpage
Bariviera, Aurelio
Calderón, Lucila
Clemente, Gisela
Pastor, Verónica
Vampa, Victoria

Advanced courses

Wavelet Analysis for signal processing


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